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Do you have bulk liquid storage tanks containing petroleum products, ammonia, caustic chemicals, acids, ethanol, bitumen, pharmaceuticals, beverages, tallow where overflow could occur.

Proprietors of petroleum terminals and refinery storage tanks know the cost in down time, structural damage and lost product plus clean up and fines from the EPA for polluting the water table.

“Many tanks are equipped with mechanical or electronic automatic tank gauges. A malfunction of the gauges may contribute to tank overfills” (API 2350 Jan 1996)

Any liquid storage tank can overflow. Operator error, automatic tank gauging in the form of servo, Radar, float or hydrostatic can fail with disastrous results. Although automatic tank gauging reduces the risk of overflows, what happens when the gauge or gauging system fails and the tanks keep filling or emptying? Gauges especially the electronic type can fail low/high or hold the last measured value.

“Failure of self-checking automatic tank gauging systems is possible and independent level switches must be installed for single and two stage detector systems.” (API 2350 Jan 1996).

A high integrity, independent level switch, preferably of different technology to that used for the tank gauging system, is required to monitor any failure of the auto tank gauging system and shut down product transfers. Powerflo Solutions can provide an OVERFILL ALARM solution fitted to the individual needs of your site whether using float, buoyancy, contact ultrasonic, capacitance or thermal dispersion technology.

Simply install a Magnetrol Model A15 displacer type level switch with Proof-er controls. Operator can check the operation of a displacer control without having to raise the level in the tank. This is accomplished by pulling downward on the Proof-er chain to lift the switch actuator, simulating a high or high high level condition. When the chain is released, the Proof-er returns the actuator to its previous position to resume normal operation.

All models are available with a range of different switch mechanisms that are housed in SAA approved Ex d IP65 enclosures.

Don’t risk losing money. Don’t risk losing product. Don’t risk being fined by the EPA. Don’t risk damaging your tanks or pumps causing costly down time.

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