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Engineered Control Valves, Safety Devices & Process Instrumentation


Powerflo Solutions are proud to represent the following Manufacturers in Australia:-

KSB Gate, Globe and Check Valves
MIL Severe Service Control Valves
amri Butterfly Valves
Engineered PRDS Stations, Desuperheaters & Control Valve Solutions for Power Plant Applications
Nil-Cor Advanced Composite Ceramic Ball, Butterfly & Check Valves – Corrosion Resistant
Ethylene Fluoropolymer Technology Strainers & Expansion Joints
Carraro Globe Type Process Regulators for Gases, Liquids & Steam
KVT Parallel Slide, Check Valves for Power Generation
Rhino Floating Ball Valves & Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves
Unicom High Performance Butterfly Valves – Triple Offset, Metal Seated
HP Valves Steel Globe / Needle Valves for the Oil & Gas Industry and Power Generation
Zook Metal & Graphite Rupture Disks
Ashcroft Pressure and Temperature Gauges, Switches, Transmitters
Heise Precision Pressure Gauges, Calibrators & Transmitters
Powerflo Solutions

Diaphragm Seals, Manometers, 1:1 Level Transmitters – Australian Manufacture

Butterfly Valves - Cast Iron, Stainless - Soft, Metal seated - Hi-Performance – Lever, Gear and Actuator Packages.

Gate / Globe / Check Valves - Bronze Low Pressure Ball Valves, Carbon / Stainless Steel, Bronze - Actuators Needle Valves, Carbon / Stainless Steel Check Valves, Strainers

Pressure Gauges


Radar – Guided Wave & Non Contact
Level & Flow Transmitters, Controllers & Switches

Orion Magnetic Level Gauges, Transmitters & Switches
Meriam HART Communicators, Flow Products
  Instrument Valves & Manifolds
L&J Technologies SCADA Systems for Bulk Liquid Storage Level Measurement and Inventory Management, Level Gauging
Shand&Jurs Bulk Hazardous Liquids Storage Tank Fittings – Pressure Vacuum Relief, Emergency Vents, Flame and Detonation Arresters, Gauge Hatches, Mechanical Level Gauges
Shand&Jurs Biogas Waste Gas Handling – Flares, Pressure Vacuum Relief, Flame and Detonation Arresters, Flame Checks, Flame Traps, Drip Traps, Condensate & Sediment Traps, Back-Pressure Regulating Valves, Low Pressure Check Valves
Remote Control Pneumatic,Electric & Hydraulic Actuators
RHPS High Quality Pressure Reducing & Back Pressure Gas Regulators & Relief Valves, 316 Duplex and Special Alloys
Becker Low Noise Ball Regulators with Attenuating Trim, 100% Natural Gas Compatible
Mooney Flowgrid & Flowmax Regulators for Gas
Red-Q Regulators Specialty Gas Regulators, High Pressure Performance
Mankenberg Industrial Regulators for Gas Blanketing, Liquid Anti-Surge, LP Relief applications
ABB Digital Intelligent Positioner  -  HART® Communication
Soldo Control Accessories for Quarter-Turn Valves


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